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Indian Street Fast Food

"The question that the mooning around inside the head of every food lover, who have this partial instinct for quite a bit of a concise diet is,"

Well every food lover loves Indian street food but not only street food , they also love almost every food variety , they have a natural urge to increase the appetite where there is still a barrier of health issues .Major characteristics are mostly around four points

Ingredients are what we eat just in cooked form. Although by health, there is nothing very unhealthy about street food when it comes to ingredients, in fact street food generally have more vegetables, chickpeas, sev, puri etc. Which are basically healthy in a way and these are tasty as well .

street food /Indian fast food are

mostly fried, but having something fried in your daily diet when you are eventually a healthy person,will not harm you in fact it will maintain good cholesterol level. But if you are not, then there are not only fried but also tasty varieties are available as well like fruit chaats , bhel , pav bhaji , Momos , poha and a lot more you just have to choose wisely .

Hygiene - Hygiene is something for which we are all cautious. Indian Street food is generally has this poor hygienic methods, whether it looks tasty but this flaw will always stick around, what we can do as a hygiene seeker, we can choose the places accordingly . So basically balancing is the key . There is a phrase that says "too much of anything is bad". So the food lovers can have their favourites in a balanced form

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