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Yummy Chaat Tower

When India's cuisine references build up a sequence, chaat is something that comes with a multiple flavoured dish which is actually a lot more famous than any other Indian fast food. India has lots of varieties in chaat.One of them, which is highly recommendable is chaat tower, it is a whole new invention in the world of chaat. Just in case someone doesn't know what is the cheat tower, here's a brief on it, Chaat tower is a combination of almost every flavour and it consists layers of maximum ingredients of every These layers are about a particular taste, whether it's sweet and spicy or tangy and cheesy. Due to the unique and the extremely delicious idea and a tower like structure of serving it is called chaat tower.

Now when you know the "what",The further motive of inventing chaat tower is that it is a new and delicious variety and people love to taste new dishes. A single dish that includes mostly ingredients from chaats yet it fulfils both starve and crave. Chaat tower looks delicious and it tastes as well.If you haven't tasted one yet Adda's chaat tower is a wise and strong recommendation. In this era of variants of covid-19 let's ignore covid's and try some healthy and tasty variants of chaat. Ingredients of chaat tower are as healthy as your daily routine food consumption.

So no stress about ingredients, but yet for your sake and assurance, chaat tower has Dahi, Mix Bhel, veggies of your choice, khasta papdi, Magic masala , tamarinde sauce and garnishing again of your choice.These ingredients are used in a very calculated and appropriate amount which makes chaat tower a healthy, alluring and appetizing cuisine. Give it a try and experience yourself.

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